In Paris, the women cling neat little Chanel bags, so small they behave almost nothing.
In New York, they take the opposite tack, lugging mega tote bag that bend back into Quasimodo shrinking so that they can maintain their subway reading, gym clothes and other such sundries at your fingertips.
But in Los Angeles, women breeze through town carrying nothing but a set of keys. This is because the quintessential California bag comes with four wheels and a trunk.

Among the many side effects of car culture advocated mentality purse-on-wheels, and there are those who perform it until science.

“The first traffic light after leaving my house very long,” said Candace Gilman, “so pay a little cardboard box between the seats and get a layer of clear nail polish on both hands.” The box also serves as a holder for a coffee cup.
You know that sound — the sound of a grocery bag toppling over in your trunk after you make a sharp turn. Now something (the jar of pickles, or the jug of milk?) is rolling back and forth, back and forth. And all you can think is, am I going to open my trunk and find a leaky mess everywhere?

If this sounds familiar, you need a trunk organizer. You can pick up one of these oft-collapsible organizers for as little as $10. Some come with built-in coolers and lots of handy pockets on the sides, but they all do one thing: keep your grocery bags neat, tidy, and spill-free for the ride home.
We gave my parents two of these folding crates for groceries. Their car has a very deep trunk and things slid into the farthest back spot every time. They both love them because the crates are easier to grab(handles on all 4 sides) and they say they are just right right for holding all their shopping.

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